Winner of the 2021 Ned Kelly Award for Best Debut Crime Fiction

When Ivan Novak is shot dead putting out his garbage bins in Sydney’s west, his family wants revenge, especially his father Milan, a notorious crime boss. It’s a job for the second son, Ivan’s younger brother Johnny.

But Johnny loves his wife Amy and their son Sasha. And she’s about to deliver her ultimatum: either the three of them escape this wave of killing or she’ll leave, taking Sasha.

Torn between loyalty to his family and love for his wife, Johnny plans the heist of a lifetime and takes a huge risk. Is he prepared to pay the price? And what choice will Amy make?


ISBN: 9781922330437
Publication date: 2 February 2021
Publisher: Text Publishing

Praise for The Second Son

‘Dark, gritty and full of deliciously complex characters.’
Candice Fox

‘Tight and tense, a wonderfully sharp-toothed crime thriller’

Christian White

‘A compelling story of fear, love, violence and—ultimately—hope’

Anna Downes

‘This book blew my mind, broke my heart and scared the hell out of me’

Pip Drysdale

‘This vividly told, fast-paced story is as beautiful as it is brutal.’

Allie Reynolds

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